About us

By January 1931, 25 executives had been approved as members of T.E.A. The weekly meetings were first held at the Alvin Hotel in downtown Tulsa. The cost of the weekly lunches was 25 – and monthly dues were $5.00.

To promote attendance, a drawing for a prize was held each week. Two companies received 10-minute spotlight presentations, and committee reports were read. Prospective members were invited to participate in a round table discussion to demonstrate their ability to turn in leads for Association members. Leads were so important that members who failed to turn in referrals were called before the board and reprimanded! Within a year, the Tulsa Executives Association had grown to 50 members. By-laws were instituted and enforced to maintain a high caliber of membership.

Today, T.E.A. is thriving with 115 active members, 15 associate members and 35 honorary members. Many of the members attribute their business success to the leads and referrals received from other T.E.A. members. The warm camaraderie of the weekly T.E.A. lunches is a highlight of the week for most members. Currently, T.E.A. lunches are held on Tuesdays at the Tulsa Country Club and last one hour. Make up meetings are held on Fridays.